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Non-Profit Insurance

You help others. We help you with your insurance.

No two non-profits are the same, and that’s why you need an insurance policy that’s right for you.


A good insurance company will take the time to find out exactly what you do and talk through the options. You’ll also find many insurers not only offer fair premium prices for non-profits, but will avoid the dramatic year-on-year premium rises that can wreck your budget.

Some factors to consider in building a policy are whether or not you deal with members of the public at risk of injury, such as elderly or disabled people.

You’ll also need to think about any transport you use, particularly if it’s to carry people who aren’t staff. You might even face claims if people are hurt or face costs because of shortcomings in the help or advice you provide.


It’s also particularly important to check how a non-profit insurance policy distinguishes between the organization itself and the personal liabilities of any directors. Meanwhile, if you employ staff, you’ll also need to look at potential risks such as claims of harassment or discrimination.


To make sure you get the right insurance policy for your non-profit, contact us today.

We will ensure the proper coverages that protect your Non-Profit’s goals.

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