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Golf Course Insurance

Teeing up the ideal insurance coverage.

Running a golf course brings some unique risks and specialty golf course insurance can help mitigate these potential costs. For example, mis-hit golf balls can easily damage property, such as vehicles or equipment, or even injure players or spectators.


You also need to consider the equipment and systems that keep the course running such as sprinkler systems, the risks of pests and diseases that could damage your course, and even the potential damage and disruption if extreme weather knocks down trees. You need to consider not just the cost of repairing damage, but also the lost income if the course is temporarily unplayable.

If you serve alcohol at the course, you’ll need liquor liability insurance. This covers you against claims for damage caused by people who became intoxicated on your premises; this can include physical conflict, drunk-driving and property damage.


Most golf course insurance companies also offer standard business insurance elements as well. These cover risks to your buildings and equipment, claims relating to your staff’s health and employment issues and any liability you have for injury and damage suffered by visitors.


Don’t take unnecessary risks. Contact us today to get the insurance you need for your golf course.

Insurance coverage uniquely designed to fulfill the special insurance needs of Golf Courses.

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