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Church Insurance

Pray for the best. Prepare for the worst.

When insuring a church you need to think of it as a building, but also as a community group, an employer and in some cases a priest’s home. That’s why specialized church insurance is your best route to financial peace of mind.


For example, a good church policy doesn’t just take care of the obvious costs such as property damage from theft, vandalism or natural disaster, but also the unexpected associated costs. This could include having to update the building to comply with local ordinances when carrying out repairs after an incident.

The list of coverage items that an ordinary policy might not include is lengthy.


Examples include defibrillators or other equipment needed for large groups of visitors, the personal property of a pastor and even the costs of repairing or replacing stained glass windows.

You can also get coverage for liability issues, travel risks on mission trips and the costs of recruiting a suitable pastor if a replacement becomes necessary.

To find out more about specialized church insurance options, contact us today.

You focus on faith, we will focus on getting the right coverage for your church.

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