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Brewery Insurance

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Getting adequate insurance for your brewery can feel like an overwhelming process, but a specialty policy can take the stress out of the situation. The key is choosing an insurer that understands the specific needs and risks you face and then offers a complete, customized package. You also need to remember some elements that are easy to overlook.

For example, as an alcohol producer, you need a liquor liability policy. This covers you against claims of damage caused by people who’ve consumed your brew. No matter how tenuous such claims may be, defending them can be a costly process.

You must also make sure that your property insurance covers not just damage or destruction of equipment and stock, but also any lost profits, particularly if you’re out of action for a while. It’s also worth exploring options for coverage against having to withdraw or recall stock if you discover a safety risk or potential contamination.

And don’t forget other general business insurance elements such as workers’ compensation, employee claims and liability for visitors to your premises.


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